TeleTherapy allows you the flexibility to engage in your healing at your home, office, or location of choice.   You are able to avoid traffic jams and be home for family time. TeleTherapy affords our patients the utmost of confidentiality as there is no going in and out of buildings, sitting in waiting rooms, or running into someone who you may know.

At Purple Heart Behavioral Health, LLC we take privacy and security very seriously. Rather than Skype or FaceTime, we implement state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. We us, which complies with HIPAA requirements. For your convenience,  there is nothing to download-all you need is a camera equipped computer connected to the internet.

If you prefer to use your smart phone, you can download the app at iTunes or at Google Store at not cost.  Using a phone will use less bandwidth and can be more reliable than an older computer.