Disability Evaluations

Evaluations completed for Social Security Disability  are at the request of the referring agency. These are completed at no cost to the person being tested, as such, all feedback is provided directly to the referring agency: there is no feedback session with the patient.

Our professionals do not work for the Social Security Administration but have signed a contract to perform psychological exams for the SSA. Psychological exams, like physical consultative exams, are usually brief, and the findings alone will not determine the approval or disapproval of a claim.

Keep in mind that the evaluation results can be very influential to the disability examiner deciding the case, and for this reason it is important that those who are scheduled for a psychological exam make every effort to attend, or to notify the referral agency office as soon as you become aware of a schedule conflict.

We do not return phone calls to confirm appointments for disability evaluations. We understand that the evaluation is important to you and assume you will make your appointment. Your letter in the mail is your confirmation of the appointment. We also receive your appointment day and time and will be at the appointed location. 

Your evaluation will likely take 60 minutes to complete unless psychological testing is required. This can take an additional hour or two depending on the tests being requested by the Department.

Please have your picture ID available. Come in prepared with your glasses, hearing aids, or any additional aid you need if you use them on a regular basis. Additionally, bring a list of your prescribed medication. 

Please ensure you take your medications as prescribed on the day you come in for your appointment. You will not be seen if these requirements are not met.

It is important that you arrive on time to your evaluation-it is best to be early. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will not be able to assist you due to the high volume of appointments that are scheduled. You will be marked as a ‘NO SHOW’ and you will need to contact your Disability Evaluator to reschedule your appointment. Sometimes accommodations can be made, but this is dependent on the doctor’s schedule and it is up to the doctor to decide whether an in-house rescheduling will be made.

If you know in advance that you cannot make your appointment and need to reschedule or if you are running late, please contact your referring agency right away.

The location of your examination is listed on the document you received in the mail. Be certain to have proper directions to assist you in being on time.