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Purple Heart PTSD Protocol

We provide a culturally sensitive five week online Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.  Our IOP primarily utilizes treatment modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR),  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). We create an individualized treatment plan that may also include Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. We are a strengths based program that uses Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology.



Exclusively Online! Therapy is provided to you in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel. We provide psychotherapy to those living in Arizona and abroad.



We understand what you’re going through and the challenges you’re facing. We also understand that commuting, work schedules and life in general can inhibit the ability to pursue therapy.  You are able to avoid traffic jams and be home for family time. Teletherapy affords you the utmost of confidentiality as there is no going in and out of buildings, sitting in waiting rooms, or running into someone you may know.  Our online modality allows us to overcome those obstacles. If together we find that working while in treatment is too difficult, we can assist with FMLA.


Rather than use Skype or FaceTime, we use state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. We use HIPPA compliant secure video conferencing to make the hard work of psychotherapy convenient while confidential.  All you need is a comfortable private space, good internet, and a smart phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer!  



We believe continuity of care is not only preferred but necessary. If you are currently working with a therapist or psychiatrist, we will ask that you sign a release of information so that we may keep your providers involved in your care-we will be an extension of your team. Once our IOP treatment is complete, we will provide feedback to your mental health care professionals so that you may seamlessly return to their care.


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*If a person is actively suicidal (suicidal thoughts with intent and a plan) inpatient treatment is the proper level of care.


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2020 Purple Heart Heal Program


It's time to make ourselves a priority and leave hurt, pain and trauma in 2019.

Are you tired of being negatively affected by your past? Are you tired of being tired? Do you find that your sleep is troubled? Do you get upset easily when bad memories intrude your thinking? Are you sad more than you’d like to be?

Let’s not allow your future to continue to be like the past. Let’s get you to your healing place. Let’s set you up so that 2020 is your best year yet! This year as we move into the new year, we often make New Year’s resolutions. Let’s make your emotional well-being your priority.

At Purple Heart Behavioral Health, we specialize in trauma, PTSD and other emotional distressing disorders. The Purple Heart Heal for 2020 Special is an 8-week program that allows you to continue with work and home responsibilities. We will meet online at a mutually convenient time so that your work life is not interrupted as you pursue your healing. There are no groups. Everything is confidential. This is individual and tailored to your needs.

We use EMDR therapy to help you heal quickly. It has been proven to help people heal emotional pain faster than traditional talk therapy. Not every therapist can help you with EMDR, a therapist has to be specially trained.

You might ask, but is online as effective as offline? For most people, that answer is yes. You get to be in the comfort of your own space. You don’t have to spend needless time in traffic commuting, and you don’t have to get all dressed up to “go see the doctor.” As long as you have a desktop or laptop computer that has a microphone, camera and internet access, you are good to go. A cell phone screen is too small. During our 30-minute no cost consultation, we will determine together if meeting online is a good fit.

You might also be thinking, I’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t work, or it made things worse. With EMDR therapy, you don’t have to talk about the traumas. In our initial session, it will look like therapy you’ve had before. We will cover your life, from childhood until now. This will help to get a good understanding of what past hurts need to be worked on. Then, once we move into EMDR, we are going to use bilateral stimulation, it mirrors REM sleep to allow your brain to process the traumas. You won’t forget the memories, but you will likely no longer feel the pain from the memories.

If you’d like more information, give us a call at 602.529.8120. You will likely get voicemail because we are helping another person with their healing, but we will call you back by the end of the next business day. We promise.

We are not here to sell you. We are not asking for your email to bombard you with sales emails. We are here to be a resource to help you get the healing you deserve. If you are in Arizona, and you are remotely interested in starting 2020 off much better than 2019, call us. 602.529.8120.

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Dr. Angela Kenzslowe

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