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Dr. Kenzslowe co-authored Amazon Best Seller, Open Your G.I.F.T.S. vol 2,  with Celebrity Actress Kim Coles. Here Dr. Kenzslowe shares about her personal triumph and resilience.

Dr. Kenzslowe is a featured expert in UpJourney's article "How to Let Go of Anger and Hate (10 Expert Tips)."

Dr. Kenzslowe featured in the Arizona Informant Newspaper. She was interviewed to share her  story of relentless work ethic to accomplish what she's set out to do.

Shadow In the Mirror

Dr. Kenzslowe featured as the author of  the foreword to this Amazon Best Seller by Adele Hewett Veal. A fictional tale about a woman who suffers from a multiple personality disorder. 

Dr. Kenzslowe Featured in article "Commit Yourself to the Therapeutic Process, and Reap the Benefits of Online Counseling" discussing how therapy can be summed up in one word as "restorative."