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Guidelines for Participation in Online Therapy

There are several guidelines that must be adhered to when participating in the Intensive Online Therapy Program with Purple Heart Behavioral Health, LLC. 

In order to be accepted into the program, you must agree to the following: 

  • I will not drive during group or individual sessions. 
  • I will not smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, marijuana or any other type of tobacco, nicotine, or THC product during sessions. Although I am in my own home, office or hotel, I will treat the session as if I am in a physical office with my provider. 
  • I will not drink alcoholic beverages during session. 
  • I will not attend sessions impaired by alcohol or drugs (prescribed or illicit). 
  • I will not record sessions without the explicit written permission from the therapist. 
  • I will verify my address or location prior to the start of every individual or group session (crisis assistance and licensing adherence). 
  • I will verify I am physically located in Arizona or other location in which my provider is ethically able to provide services. 
  • I will notify Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC if I am traveling out of state prior to travel.
  • I will verify that I am in a space alone. There are not adults or children in the space with me. No one can overhear the individual or group session. 
  • I commit to keeping information about other group members confidential. 
  • I will not screen shot any part of any session.
  • I must be fully present in the session. I will not check email, social media, texts or take phone calls during session. I will treat my online session as if I am in the physical office with my provider.