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Angela Kenzslowe, PsyD, MBA

Clinical Psychologist

Do you desire to work with a  therapeutic partner to guide you on your healing journey?

Do you feel depressed or anxious? 

Do you at times feel like the world is against you and you just can't get things to go right?

Let's have a conversation!

If you are looking to work with a healer who's passion is helping those who have experienced trauma -  let's get you on your first step toward healing by giving me a call. 

Hi! My name is Dr. Angela Kenzslowe, and I am a clinical psychologist licensed to practice in Arizona. 

I specialize in the treatment of Trauma, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety and have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the most elite military members, C Level Executives, medical doctors, homeless  community members, stay at home moms, severely mentally ill, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, inmates, public servants, moms, dads, women, and men. 

I am excited to see how we may work together. 

I founded Purple Heart Behavioral Health, LLC to provide quality care for those who suffer from Trauma, Anxiety and PTSD.  The goal at Purple Heart Behavioral Health LLC is to provide intensive treatment so that you may experience your healing quicker than traditional weekly therapy.

At Purple Heart Behavioral Health, LLC your mental health care is provided or supervised by me -a doctoral level practitioner.

I have extensive training with the Department of Defense to help those who have been exposed to severe trauma; combat, sexual, childhood, and other complex traumas. When working with my patients,  I utilize my expertise to help patients find their peace and joy.

To explain why that matters....

I earned my doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology which is accredited by the American Psychological Association. 

I completed my Pre-Doctoral internship at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii which is also accredited by the American Psychological Association. 

Additionally, I trained with the Center for Deployment Psychology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland to include Prolonged Exposure therapy and Cognitive Processing therapy to my toolkit.  I also earned my Basic Training Certificate of Completion in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy through the Department of Defense approved EMDR International Association training program.

Most recently, I trained at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. There I  trained to gain expertise as a Behavioral Health Consultant.  I then contracted with the United States Air force and  used science based behavioral interventions to assist patients with normal stresses of daily living such as grief, work stress, family challenges, and adjustment; medical diagnoses symptom relief such as pain, headache, insomnia, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome; and behavior change such as smoking cessation or behavioral weight loss therapy.

In addition to being a Clinical Psychologist, I hold a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and had a successful career in business. I worked in Corporate America and have owned various businesses with and without employees.

I taught numerous business courses at the University level for 5.5 years. I have assisted business owners by consulting with them to assist with business structure, leadership, and marketing.

Again, why does that matter?

These experiences allow me a more in-depth understanding of those who work in the business world.

Additionally, I am an active duty Army Veteran which affords me firsthand knowledge of military culture.

I believe that we should not be bound by the constraints of what society tells us is possible, but we should be free to be our true and authentic selves.  I work to inspire, empower and promote positive well-being and mental health.

Outside of my professional career, I enjoy being outdoors, whether it’s hiking or getting some beach time.  I will often ‘catch a movie’ during my down time.  I absolutely adore my family and hope my work in the world makes it a better place for them.

So what's the difference with working with a Psychologist versus other Therapists?

 A clinical psychologist has had specialized training in graduate school over the course of several years and earned a doctorate degree.

While in graduate school the doctoral psychology student must work in various clinical settings for a culmination of 100s of hours under the supervision of tenured psychologists. A psychologist candidate must then complete a one year full time internship in a mental health setting. Finally, most will often complete an additional year of training under supervision after graduating with a doctorate degree, as I have.  

Psychologists are a select group with rigorous training requirements, including having done original research and using evidence-based techniques.

Psychologists have the most stringent ethics code of the mental health professions and are not allowed to ask for testimonials or endorsements nor to make guarantees of future outcomes for our patients.

These rules are meant to protect your confidentiality and talk about realistic outcomes.

At Purple Heart Behavioral Health, LLC we work with conservative ethics to protect our patients from harm. Our goal is to provide you the tools to gain your joy and peace with total life healing in the safest way possible.

Next Steps...

Call us at 602.529.8120 to begin your road to healing. We will schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation to determine the best plan of action.